Joy of Space is a specialised company which offers a professional organising and decluttering service to help you to declutter and organise your space and life using the Konmari method™. Joy of Space brings this world recognised method to Scotland, offering expert support with decluttering, life tidying and organising. Experience the joy of having your life and home transformed by this method.



"This proven method releases you from clutter physically, psychologically and spiritually"


Marie Kondo is the Japanese guru of tidiness and best selling author of "The life- changing magic of tidying up, the Japanese art of decluttering and organising" and "Spark Joy™." Marie Kondo devised her revolutionary category-by-category method, with guaranteed results, to simplify and organise your home.

Using her proven method leads to instant and lasting results. Through expert consultant help you will be supported in exploring which items in your home "spark joy", and supported in discarding those that do not spark joy and which are no longer relevant to your life. Using this method will help you clear your clutter, bring calm from chaos, and lead you to the joy of a tidy, organised, clutter free home and the joy of a calm and clear mindset.

Through your supported experience of the Konmari method you will connect with how you look at your belongings, your life and the feelings of joy that they bring you.

Transform you life with the Konmari method. Consultant support in rediscovering those belongings, ideas and habits that truly spark joy for you. Let yourself be surrounded only by the things that you love, discarding belongings, habits and ideas that no longer fit your life and which no longer bring you joy.

Want to find out more about Marie Kondo?  Visit her website here



"If you use the right method and concentrate your efforts on eliminating clutter thoroughly and completely within a short span of time, you'll see instant results that will empower you to keep your space in order ever after." 

(The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising - Marie Kondo)



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Clara Moore at Joy of Space: Professional Organiser and Accredited Konmari Consultant. Expert support with decluttering, life tidying and organising.

Compassionate support to open up your heart to the life that you want to live, experience your living space and life in the way that brings you joy. 

Reconnect with your home and life and take joy in your space.  Support in looking at your life, your home and your belonging as you ask yourself - "Do my belongings spark joy™?" and "What do I want to keep?"

Read more about me on the KonMari website.

What My Clients Have Said..

"Working with Clara was a true inspiration.  Having worked myself as a declutterer for seven years I thought that my drawers were fairly good, but Clara has upped my game.  I can now boast of one of the smallest pant drawers ever and a home filled with objects that only bring me joy.  Thank you Clara!" (ZM)

"Thank you for being my consultant, this has felt like a gift to my soul. Everything has found its place. My belongings are now a joyful expression of me, my space and home now feels alive and joyful." (IS)

"Consultant feedback was very good, well timed, at the right level and amount and that really helped me. I now feel that I have more "headspace" and at the end of the consultation I felt lighter and so did my house." (MS)

"I felt very pleased, very cared for, there were breaks in the decluttering process that felt natural. The discarding process felt easier than I thought it would, and I wouldn't have attempted it on my own. Thank you." - (MS)